How to Download the BD102 APP and Connect it with Smartphone?

Download the App:
1. For Apple IOS system,please search for 'BZR DRONE' in App store or scan the QR code (IOS) to install;
2. For Android phones, please scan the QR code (Android) to install.

WIFI Connection:
Please connect your smart phone to the Drone's Wi-Fi and check the drone's status on the "BZR DRONE" App.
1. Your smart phone will launch a search of the available Wi-Fi networks.

2. Select the Wi-Fi network: BD**** and connect to the Drone's Wi-Fi, and then enter the "BZR DRONE" application.

3. If you connect with the Wi-Fi successfully, the APP will prompt a reminding of "Connect successed". After entering into the APP, you can learn more info about the APP  Functions via Settingsā†’Help.

4. If you connect with the Wi-Fi unsuccessfully, please follow the steps and pictures below:

a: First connect the iPhone/iPad to the UAV's WiFi.
b: The location permission needs to be set to "Usage Period" or "Always".
c: The local network permission needs to be set to "ON".
d: The wireless data permission needs to be set to"WLAN and cellular network (wireless LAN and cellular data)" or "WLAN (wireless LAN)"
e: Precise positioning needs to be set to "ON" (The figure is on the next page).
f: Supplement: Some models&system versions will be different from this example. (This example model is: iPhone 13 Pro Max iOS15.4.1)

5. Please kindly check the video below for more details.

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