What should I do if the RC TRUCK is not working?

1. Make sure the battery is installed properly and has sufficient charge.

2. Check whether the motor is stuck, after powering off the car and transmitter, try to push the car back and forth, and then see whether the car can connect with the frequency successfully.

3. If the noise from the motor is too loud, check whether the Motor Pinion which is closed to motor is loosened and whether the gear is worn out. The car could not go forward or backward as the Motor Pinion does not fit tightly with the gear.

4. After removing the shell from the car, place the car on the bracket, so as to leaving the four wheels off the ground, check whether the dog bone, steering tie rod tire latch, and hexagon are falling off or coming loose.

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  • what to do when steering woks but throttle is not responsive?

  • Hi Oliver,
    We are sorry about the troubles you encounter when using our product and we are very willing to help.
    To ensure high efficiency troubleshooting, please follow the steps below and help to record an RC car failure video for us to figure out the issues and provide you with a solution. Please try the following steps for trouble shooting: 1.Check whether the battery power is sufficient and installed correctly or not.
    2.After successully pairing the car with the controller, please touch the throttle. If the carlight, indicators of ESC and controller are flicking, the controller may be defective. If both the indicator of ESC and carlight are flicking, the ESC may be defective.
    3. And please turn off the RC car and the controller. Pull the RC car back and forth on the ground. If the noise from the motor is too loud, please check whether the motor pinion close to the motor is broken or whether the big gear is worn.
    4.If the motor does not make noises, remove the RC car shell and place the car on the stand with four wheels off the ground, to check whether there are damaged or missing parts and accessories.
    Our support team has received your email about this issue and replied to you. Please kindly send the failure video to them for further analysis. They will help you and provide you a satisfactory anwser. Thank you for your time.
    Have a nice day!

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